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As part of the Water Does Wonders theme, schools throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties were invited to take a Healthy Kids School Pledge. This pledge is an opportunity for schools to demonstrate their commitment to promoting a healthy, supportive environment for their students! The pledge will last for the duration of the school year, with an opportunity to renew annually.

Schools who took the Healthy Kids School Pledge:

To see a list of participating schools, please click here.


Girl holding waterWater Month: October 2016

Water Month was implemented in schools throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties who chose to take the Healthy Kids School Pledge. It was a month dedicated to promoting water as the drink of choice for kids to stay healthy and hydrated!

Water Month involved a launch party, flavored water tasting booths, classroom activities, morning announcements, contests, and more to remind kids to sip water throughout the day.


Water Month Resources for Schools:20161012_110044


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