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blueW Project

The blueW project is being undertaken to help make tap water more readily available to kids and their families when they are on the go! By partnering with and local businesses throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Hastings Prince Edward hopes to make it easier for you to carry a water bottle full of delicious water.


What is blueW?blueW LOGO_F2

The blueW Tap Water Refilling Network is a unique community-based program dedicated to promoting municipal tap water as a healthy, easily accessible alternative to purchasing sugary, bottled drinks. They provide mapped details on where to find clean, free public and commercial sources to fill your reusable bottle without compelling you to make additional purchases.


How to find blueW locations?

There are 2 ways to find the blueW location nearest to you and refill your water bottle:

  1. Go to, enter your location, and look for the nearest blueW site.
  2. Look for the blueW decyl on the window of your favorite local businesses.


How to register?

Community businesses who are interested in becoming a part of the blueW Tap Water Refilling Network can visit, scroll down to the `Register`section, and fill in your organizations information. The whole process can be done in under 2 minutes!

Please note that in order to register a water source on blueW, it needs to be easily accessible and not located in a washroom. If the water source is behind a desk or in a restricted area, you can still register on blueW as long as the client can see their water bottle while it is being filled.




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