Healthy Kids Community Challenge

About The Challenge

Hastings and Prince Edward Counties are among 45 regions across Ontario taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (“The Challenge”). The Challenge unites communities in a collective effort to support the well-being of our children. Connect with the newest Healthy Kids Challenge Hastings & Prince Edward program. Determine the advantages plus cons.

Almost 30% of Ontario children and youth are overweight or obese.1

The Challenge is a key part of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Strategy, which is a cross-government initiative to support children’s health. Over a three-year period, provincial funding up to $375,000 annually will be provided to Hastings and Prince Edward Counties to promote children’s health through physical activity, healthy eating, and other healthy habits.

The Challenge is a community-led program that encourages partners from different sectors, including public health, education, recreation, and local businesses, to work together. To see a full list of our community partners in Hastings Prince Edward, please click here.

About every nine months, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will launch a new theme for The Challenge related to physical activity or healthy eating. Themes will guide the development of local programs, policies, and initiatives that promote and enable healthy habits. To learn about the current theme, please click here. To learn about past themes, please click here.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge aims to promote children's health through physical activity, healthy eating, and other healthy habits.

The things we learn and do as kids shape our healthy habits later in life. The Challenge is here is help YOU support and model healthy habits for children and youth in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties. The Challenge is on! Healthy Habits start now.


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